Do You Really Need a Theme On Instagram?

Monday, September 05, 2016

You might be thinking why I'm writing this post, and to be honest, I'm not sure! I guess I just want to express my opinion and write what's been on my mind, for what it seems like ages. I finally sat down and wrote this!

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I read a lot of posts about instagram and growing your account, things you "need" to do and that got me thinking. Some articles say that you need to have a theme because "you won't be able to grow your account" or "people won't like your feed" if you don't have one. And other articles say that having theme isn't important!

All these articles and my personal experience thought me one thing, it's all about you, cuz everyone has different opinion and like different things! I personally love having theme for my photos. I think of instagram as a way to express myself and work on my photography skills. Other people might use it to promote their business or to share photos of their pets. Either way, they use it to share something with others, whether that be photos, products, life moment, etc.

The answer to the "Do You Really Need an Instagram Theme?" question is NO! Because that's your account and no one can tell you what you can or can't do! Having some kind of theme won't make people follow you, your photos and the story you're telling with them will. Having or not having a theme doesn't determinate if your account will grow "big" or not! 

Sure, having photos that look similar will draw attention and make your feed look good over all but having good quality photos, photos you're proud of is much more important. So all I'm saying is, it's all up to you, if you love themes great, if you don't also great! It's all about personal preference. If you think you need to have a theme or need to make your photos something they're not, remember, you don't need all that shit! Just post what you want and don't worry about the themes!

So, that's everything I wanted to say! I wrote a lot of things and made, kind of a mess of this post but that's okay! I think you figured out what was I trying to say! And here's that self promo you've been waiting for haha, my instagram is @psminimalist so come and follow me if you're a fan of themes or if you just like pretty pictures!

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What do you think about instagram themes? Do you have a theme?

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