Beauty Tips For Back To School

Friday, August 19, 2016

Unfortunately, that moment is approaching, the moment we all hate, going back to school! Before you start screaming and crying that you're not ready to go back to school yet (just me?) hear me out! I know school sucks and we all hate it! And we can never look good cuz we snooze alarms till the last minute so we don't have enough time to get ready (anyone else?) But don't worry cuz I have some beauty tips to help you look your best for school even if you only have like 5 mins to get ready! (trust me, I've been there) So here are my best beauty tips for back to school!
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 Use primer
The moment I started using primer my life changed, literally! If you're gonna do your makeup for school, make sure you apply primer before your foundation (how else would you apply it? good one Valentina!) You're gonna be at school for 7+ hours so make sure that makeup stays on your face all day!

 Less is more
I love makeup and playing around with it but when it comes to school less is more. Save heavy makeup looks for a night out. Focus on more minimal look with less products and more neutral shades for school! It can feel heavy wearing all that makeup for like 8 hours!

Drink a lot of water
As a big fan of water (you don't hear that often, do you? ) I had to mention it here! Water is great for your skin, nails, hair and overall your body! So make sure you drink a lot of it, at home and in school! Plus, it will save you time and money from using all those beauty products and treatments on your skin!

Dry shampoo
Only the greatest invention ever, am I right?! Dry shampoo is a great product to put in your hair when you're lazy AF or if you just need to add a little volume to your hair! Bonus tip, put it in your hair the night before for better results!

Okay, I had no idea how to name this but it basically means to do as many things you can the night before. So wash your hair at night (you can put it in a braid for over night curls), paint your nails. Prepare all makeup products you're gonna need in the morning so you don't need to run around like crazy looking for everything (guilty)

I hope you found these tips helpful and that going back to school will be less painful with them! If you would like me to write about fashion tips for school, let me know in a comment down bellow!

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Did you find this post helpful? What are your best beauty tips and tricks for school?

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