10 Instagram Hacks You Need To Know

Monday, June 20, 2016

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In today's post I'm gonna share with you 10 instagram hacks that will change your life, literally! These are some tricks I use to make my instagram better and make my life easier 'cause, you know, my life is really hard (it's not hard at all, I'm just lazy). I already shared my instagram photography tips and how to get more followers so you can check out those posts if you're looking for ways to improve your account! Now, let's start with these (insta) life changing hacks!

1 Tooth whitening tool is your best friend! And no I don't use it to whiten my teeth (who even does that anymore?) I use it to whiten my background.

2 VSCO Cam is great for planning your instagram feed. They changed the app so you can't do that anymore but if you still didn't update the app (like me) don't do it!!

3 To make your instagram photos appear on twitter, not just the link, use IFTTT to make "recipe" between instagram and twitter.

4 This is something you probably knew already but I found out about it recently so I'm gonna share it just in case. You can actually pin someones instagram photo straight from the instagram app.

5 Asking questions in your caption is a great way to get more comments and start a conversation with your followers.

6 Another great white background is your bed, aka your bedding! (just be careful 'cause I might have spilled coffee all over my bedding while taking pics (multiple times) and let me tell you my mom wasn't happy, at all!

7 If you're taking a photo with your phone, click the little square in the middle to focus your main object

8 If you put a lot of hashtags on your posts, don't put them in your caption as they will distract people from the actual caption. Instead put them in a comment.

9 You can clear your search history which can be very useful. You know, when you've been stalking some people and you don't want anyone to know your secret (I won't tell anyone)

10 To know how many page views on your blog you're getting from instagram, add a custom tracking link to your bio. I don't really know how to explain it, but you can find out more in this article.

I really hope you found these hacks helpful and that you learnt something new about instagram. And while we're talking about instagram, why not follow me? It's @fwvblog

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Do you have any hacks to share? What's your favourite instagram hack?

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