5 Mistakes You're Making on Instagram + How To Fix Them

Monday, April 18, 2016

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I love talking about instagram and sharing tips, my favourite outfits, accounts, I love everything instagram related. I'm not an expert (one day, guys!) but I think I know some thing that could help you. So, in today's post I'm gonna talk about some "mistakes" you could be making on instagram but don't worry, I know how to fix them. But if you're doing any of these things that doesn't mean you're doing something wrong, I'm just sharing my opinion and want to help you grow your account. So if you want to grow your instagram, keep on reading ;)

1 Not having a complete profile
By this I mean that you don't have a bio or your account is on private. What I'd suggest is to go through your account and put a good profile picture and write something in your bio, don't forget to put the link to your blog or youtube channel. And make sure that your account is public, that way more people will want to follow you, they will be able to see your pics and decide to follow you if they like your feed. I personally never follow a private account (unless it's someone I know personally) because I like going through someone's feed and looking at their photos to decide if I want to follow them or not.

2 Not posting regularly
If you want to grow your account and grow an audience, consistency is really important. When it comes to instagram, there is a really thin line between posting too little and posting too much. I think you should post at least once a day, and not more than 4 times. I usually post once a day but I'm trying to start posting twice a day. When I post twice a day I see a huge difference in engagement and new followers.

3 Not using hashtags
Hashtags are one of the most important things on instagram, they are a great, and the best, way for people to discover your account. What I do is, I post a pic and write a caption. And then I write a comment with a few hashtags. I'd suggest posting max of 10 hashtags. I usually post around 6.

4 Not talking to other people
If you are not following other people and liking their photos, why would anyone follow you? If you want people to follow you, you have to talk to people and follow them. If you like a photo say you like it, say whatever comes to your mind, start a conversation.

5 Blurry and dark photos
Instagram is all about photos so make sure you share only the best photos. Don't post those poor quality, dark photos. I know not everyone is a fan of instagram themes, I personally LOVE them, but you don't have to have a theme. Posting sharp, good quality photos is enough. Post what you want, have a "I don't give a f* for instagram themes" theme, as long as you like the photos you post and enjoy instagram, people will follow you!

Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any instagram don'ts? Is there something you'd like to add?

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