My Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Friday, February 12, 2016

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Hello everyone!
 Even though I'm not a big fan of winter and want it to be summer all year round, I love winter clothes and layering. I love wearing long coats and cosy sweaters, they make winter bearable for me. That's why I decided to write this post and share clothing items I like wearing in winter, my winter must have items if you want to call it like that. Some of these items are more winter appropriate and some can be worn all year round but I still wanted to include them, these are some items I've been wearing a lot recently. And if you know me, you'd know that I'm all about the basics and minimalism so these are basic items that should be in everyone's wardrobe. This is gonna be a long one so let's get started!

Camel coat-I already talked about my love for camel coats here but a camel coat is a huge must have for me. It goes with every outfit, whether that be casual or formal outfit and it always looks amazing. I know if I add a camel, or any coat, to my casual outfit, that it will look more stylish.

Black boots-This is another obvious clothing staple but I did tell you I'm all about the basics, didn't I? Black boots are classic and they look great with a camel coat too!

Chunky sweater-Ah, sweaters or jumpers, whatever you wanna call them! They are my favourite clothing item, so warm and cosy, they kinda remind me of a blanket! Who wouldn't want to walk around wrapped in a blanket? Okay, that might be just me but yeah...

Black skinny jeans-I'm all about black jeans and if they're ripped, even better. You just can't go wrong with a black jeans, they are a true wardrobe staple!

Black blazer-Black blazer or any other blazer, it doesn't matter. I love them! I didn't really wear blazers during winter but last couple of weeks I fell back in love with them. I love wearing them with oversized shirts or graphic T-Shirts.

White or plaid shirt-Shirts are great for layering, I love wearing them under my sweater or with a blazer. My favourite are oversized shirts, and in combination with boyfriend jeans they look so good! I can't even... That's #outfitgoals right there!

So, these were my winter staples/must haves, there are so many other items I can't live without but I didn't want to make this post (too) long. I would love to know what are some of your wardrobe essentials so be sure to leave me a comment :)

What are your winter staples? Are any of these items your must haves?

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