How To Take The Perfect Flat Lay

Monday, February 29, 2016

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Taking the perfect flatlay or from where i stand photo can be really hard and it takes a lot of practise. But it's worth it when you see your hard work on instagram. Flat lays and fwis photos are my favourite to take and I always have a lot of fun playing around with my camera, trying out different angles and props. That's why I'm sharing my best tips with you. So, if you want to learn how to master the instagram flat lay keep on reading this post 


When you're taking a flatlay, it's best to use simple plain background like white surface, wooden board or anything that's not too busy because we want the focus to be on the objects/products and busy background will distract your eyes.

One main object
Choose one object to be a main focus on the photo and place other products around it. 

This is from the tip above, those "other products" are props, they make photo more interesting and less plain/empty. Some of my favourite props to use are electronic devices, makeup products and brushes, accessories, jewellery, flowers, clothes, candles and cute plates, magazines, books-use whatever you have at home, be creative.

Take from above
This is really obvious because it's a flat lay but taking your photo from above often looks the best. Stand on a chair if it's necessary to capture everything.

Don't be afraid to try different angles
Remember I said often, not always? Not every photo will look better from above so don't be afraid to try different angles and play around with your camera. Also try to keep your hand as steady as possible, we don't need blurry photos.

Add texture to your photos

By adding texture I mean, add some different patterns, materials to give the photos a little depth and make it more interesting. I love adding sweaters and scarves to my flat lays.

Cut some products from the photo
Having perfect photo looks great but having only a part of your top, or half of your product can look amazing and really interesting. You don't have to show every product on your photo, like I said play around with different angles.

Look for inspiration
Look for inspiration for your flat lays, follow new accounts on instagram, look on pinterest for inspiration (you can check out my flat lays board here), follow new blogs on tumblr. You can find inspiration everywhere, just search for it.


Put your phone the higher you can
Having long arms would be really useful for taking fwis photos haha. But if you don't have long arms, try putting your phone higher you can to capture as much as you can of your outfit. Try moving your hands around and look what suits you best.

Try different angles
This  is the "move your hands around" and take lots of and lots of photos from different angles and different heights.

Add accessories
Make your fwis photo more interesting and put your arm, with some accessories like watch or rings, in the shot to make it more interesting. Maybe hold your bag or sunglasses or coffee, anything you want and think would look good. Again, be creative.

Stick your butt out
Does this sound as weird as I think it does? Okay, lets move on... I am sorry but I can't explain haha, just stuck your butt out and try taking your fwis photo and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Sit down

I know, I know this is a from where I stand photo... But I like to sit down to take a photo of my outfit, especially for a close up of my shoes. And if the floor look cool, the photo turns out amazing.

So, these were my best tips, I think I put everything I know in this posts haha. And you know, if you want to follow me on instagram, you can do that here. I post lots of flat lays and stuff there so I think you should check it out ;) Now that you know how to take amazing photos for instagram, it's time to get people to follow it, right? So click here for my tips on growing your account.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have any tips for taking flatlays and fwis?

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