5 Blogs That Deserve More Recognition

Friday, February 26, 2016

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Do you sometimes see someone's blog and think everyone should know about it? Because it's so amazing?!! Yep, that happened to me so many times. It's a fact that I like sharing blogs I love so this post is all about 5 amazing blogs that deserve more recognition. I'm ordering you to check them out because you will fall in love with them, don't say I didn't warn you :)

I've been following Sinead on twitter for a while but only recently became obsessed with her blog. She is so pretty and lovely, and her style is on point. Sinead's instagram is amazing, her photos are always so pretty. You should definitely check her out!

Steph's blog is definitely my favourite at the moment, what I like the most is her writing style, she's so funny and interesting. If she wrote a 2000 word post about maths and numbers I would totally read it and she would make it interesting. And I hate maths aka I suck at maths so that says a lot! I also love her blog tips posts, I learnt a lot from them.

Nicole's blog is so lovely and interesting to read. She started amazing project #SpeakUp for us to help each others. She's talking about different topics and problems people might have, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. And her photos are so beautiful!

Emma's blog is one of my favourite beauty blogs. I love reading her reviews and her photos are always so beautiful. because of her I want to buy all beauty products haha. And her post with tips about taking your photos with a phone is one of my favourites, she shared some really useful tips. 

I'm obsessed with Elle's style and her outfits are perfect! I also really like her writing style, when you're reading her posts it feels like you're there talking to her, if that makes any sense?!And amazing photos make her outfit posts even more amazing, if that's possible!

Let me just tell you how hard it was to pick only 5 blogs!! Why did I do this to myself, I should have picked at least 50 haha. But seriously tho. I hope you enjoyed this post and found your new favourite blog? Let me know what you think of these blogs and tell me some blogs I should check out.

What's your favourite blog at the moment? Are you following any of these blogs?

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