10 Things Every Instagram Addict Does

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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I am an instagram addict, I won't even try to deny it. I love instagram and posting photos, and stalking people's accounts (maybe I'm stalking yours right now? I guess you'll never know) and I noticed some things I do/think that maybe other instagram addicts do too, okay I just wanted to make sure it's not just me and that I'm *normal* haha.  Anyways, let's see what are the 10 things every instagram addict does!

1 Planning your photos and how will your feed look after you post them.

2 Having to check instagram every 5 seconds. What if someone posted a photo and you didn't see it?!

3 Stalking someone's instagram and freaking out if you accidentally liked a photo from 120 weeks ago!

4 Looking at someones photos and asking yourself HOW! How are their photos so perfect, how is her hair so pretty, just how!

5 Posting photo on twitter because it doesn't match your "theme".

6 "Why did that person unfollow me?"

7 "I want her closet!"

8 "Can she teach me her makeup skills?"

9 "Look at her brows, how are they so perfect? #browsonfleek"

10 Jumping around like a little kid when someone likes your photo or follows you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that I managed to put a smile on your face with my boring-to-death- sense of humour aka no sense of humour! If you missed my 10 things every blogger can relate to post, you can read it here. Now, go and leave me a comment telling me you do these things too.

Can you relate to this post? Are you an instagram addict?

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