How To Straighten Your Hair Like a Pro

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

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Hello everyone!
In today's post I'll be talking about straightening your hair and share some tips on how to make that crazy curly hair perfectly straight, or a least better looking than before. I know how crazy curly hair can be, waking up in the morning with your hair looking like it was electrocuted or trying to brush it, sounds familiar?! That's why flat iron/straightener is my best friend, of course when I stop being lazy and straighten it which tbh doesn't happen often. Anyways, when I actually decide to straighten it, there are some things I do/use that really help. So, if you want to know how you straighten your hair like a pro, keep on reading.

One of the most important things when using heat on your hair is to protects it, using a heat protecting spray on your hair before straightening it will help to protect it and the heat won't damage it as much. I'm guilty of forgetting to spray it on before straightening, oops!

What I like to do is part my hair into two sections, top and bottom. I straighten the bottom section first and when it's all perfectly straight I work with the top section. This will help you to straighten your ENTIRE hair and you won't forget any pieces. Everything will be straighten. Try using smaller sections of your hair so you don't have to go over the same section too many times, I usually go twice to make sure it's perfect.

Before straightening your hair make sure to brush it to get rid of any tangles. I always go with the comb while straightening my hair, following the comb with the straightener to make sure there aren't any tangles so the straightener can go over the section smoothly.

While straightening each section of your hair make sure to go over the hair which is closer to your roots, but not too close so you don't burn yourself, few times before going down your hair with the straightener. Having perfectly straight roots will make your entire hair look better and it'll be easier to straighten the rest. I really hope you understood what I was trying to explain.

And last but certainly not least is to take your time and don't rush it. Always try taking smaller sections of your hair cuz we don't want to go over the huge section 10 time and damaging it even more. 

These were my top tips for straightening your hair, how many times will I say straightening?!! If you wanna know which straightener I use you can check out this post. I hope you found my tips useful and don't forget to share your secrets in the comments.

Do you have naturally straight or curly hair? How do you straighten your hair, do you have any tips for fellow curly hair gals?

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