How To Grow Your Instagram

Friday, November 20, 2015

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Hello everyone!
Like some of you may know, I made a new instagram account few months ago and since starting it, I  worked so hard on making my feed perfect and I tried some ways to attract new people to my page, some things didn't work and some did so I'm here to share with you the ones that did work. In this post I'll share with you how to grow your instagram, how to build engaged followers, the ones who will like and comment on your photos, not just be ghost followers. If you want to know how to get more engaged followers on instagram, keep on reading this post. It's time to reveal all my secrets, are you ready? Just kidding, there is no secret way to get more followers, but if you know one share it with us. I just have few tips that might help you :) Prepare for this post cuz it'll be a long one.

Make your feed the best it can be
Instagram is a visual network and leaving good first impression is very important. So play around with your phone or camera and practise your photography. You know how they say, practise makes perfect. I won't go in details with photography in this post but if you want to know my tips on taking better instagram photos and making your feed perfect, check out this post

Follow similar accounts
What I like to do is search for hashtags for fashion and beauty bloggers and follow accounts I like, this is a great way to find new accounts and make new friend. And who know, they'll maybe follow you back if they like your photos, see what I told you about the first impression and how important it is? 

Be involved in the community
Instagram is SOCIAL media so you have to go out there and connect with new people, like their photos, comment nice things (but please don't comment stuff like follow my account or follow for follow, no one likes that kind of comments and advertising)

Post frequently
I feel like this applies for every social media but it really is that important. You have to post frequently to be visible to your followers and attract new ones. No one likes following accounts that don't post often, I think you should post at least once a day, that's what I do but tbh lately I've been skipping day or two but I'm working on it.  And no one says you have to post everyday but it does help.

Ask questions
Something I started doing recently is asking questions with photos I post. It's a great way to involve your followers in conversation and find out a little more about them. Ask them for opinion,advice,anything you want.

Have fun
And last but most important, have fun. Having instagram is about having fun and creating content you like, at least for me is like that cuz I love photography and really enjoy taking all these photos and editing them. It feels good when you post a pic you're really proud of, doesn't it? Or is it just me...

 These were my tips on how to grow your instagram, I hope you found them useful and don't forget to share your tips in the comment down below. And now is time for a little self promo, you can follow me on @fwvblog where I share all different kind of fashion and beauty photos, c'mon click that follow button I know you want to... And you can expect a how I edit my instagram photos post soon so get excited about that, I know I am :)

Did you find this post helpful? Do you agree with my tips? What are your best tips on growing your instagram account? 

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