What's In My Bag?!

Monday, August 24, 2015

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Hello everyone!
I've been thinking about writing a "what's in my bag" post for months but I don't know why I never wrote one. I finally decided to look at my bag and share what I keep inside with you all. I'll share what I keep in my all time favourite bag, my mint cross body bag from Deichmann. I prefer smaller bags because I have everything I need in them and don't have useless junk. Let's be honest, do you really need EVERYTHING you have in your big bag? I don't think so. Before we start with the content of my bag, I wanted to mention that my camera isn't working  so I took this photo with my phone which is the reason you can't see my phone in the photo, the quality isn't great but I think it looks pretty good. 

My phone- I can't go anywhere without my phone, I always have to have it with me, and I know I'm not the only one. I also always bring my headphone to listen to music.

My camera- Being a blogger means that I always need my camera to take some photos, I love photography and taking photos so having my camera with me is really useful.

Sunglasses- Sunglasses are an essential, especially in the summer. These round mirrored one are my favourite.

Lip products- I always have some kind of lip product in my bag, usually a lip balm to keep my lips soft and moisturised. The ones I currently have are Maybelline baby lips in shade pink punch and essence lipstick in shade 06 barely there.

Deodorant- It's summer, it's hot, we're sweating so having a deodorant in my bag is a lifesaver.

Hair ties and bobby pins- I always make sure to have few extra hair ties and bobby pins with me. Having my hair down during summer isn't possible, it's too hot and my hair can be really annoying!

A mirror and a hair brush- I have a hair brush and a mirror in one, that little pink thing. Sorry, I have no idea how to describe it.

Tissues- I often have a cold and get sick pretty often so having tissues in my bag in a must for me.

So, here's pretty much all I keep in my bag. I also have money, not a wallet cuz it's too big, but I don't think you want to see that. I wore this bag in multiple outfit posts so I'm sure you saw it.

What do you keep in your bag? Do you prefer smaller or bigger bags?

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