My Instagram Photography Tips

Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Hello everyone!
In this post I will share some instagram photography tips.Lately I was working on improving my instagram photography and I learnt few things so I thought it would be great idea to share some of my tips with you.I hope that you'll find this post useful and please share your tips in a comments down below.Check out my instagram account  HERE

LIGHTING-When it comes to any type of photography,natural lighting is your best friend.That's why, when you're taking your instagram photos, try to take them on natural light.Try taking your photos outside or close to a window,avoid using  flash on your phone.

EDITING-Make sure to always edit your instagram photos.My fave photo editing apps are PicsArt,Aviary,Adobe Photoshop Express and Pixlr.

More tips

Always take multiple photos so you can choose the best one.

Before you take the photo,click on the little square in the middle to focus the item you want to capture.

When you're taking a picture of an object,try adding other items next to it to make the photo more interesting.

Look at other accounts for inspiration.

What are your instagram photography tips?

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