Interview With Shannon Jenkins

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello everyone!
I'm back with another interview post.For this post I interviewed Shannon from Upbeat Soles.I love sharing my fave blogs with you all.Shannon's blog is one of my faves,I love her writing style,fashion sense,and her photos are beautiful.I read her blog all the time and I think you should definitely check it out if you haven't already.Let me know if you would like me to write more posts like this one. :)

1.How would you describe your style?
Versatile! I love dressing in all types of styles, but I definitely lean towards more of a boho/edgy style! 

2.Who is your style inspiration? Why?Hmmm...I would have to go with Blake Lively or Mary Seng from Happily Grey, they both can do no wrong in my book!

 3.What kind of outfit is your fave?

Just like any girl I LOVE to get all dolled up! So I would have to say I good Glam outfit!

4.What is your fave piece of clothing?Shoes!! I am a HUGE shoeaholic! Like it is out of control! I can never have enough! 

5.What are you most excited about this Holiday season?Spending time with my family and of course eating!!

 6.What are you hoping to accomplish in 2015?

I really want to work on expanding my blog on 2015! Having a successful blog is a dream of mine, so I am excited to see what 2015 will hold!

7.What made you start your blog?
Fashion has always been a passion of mine and being a big fashion blog reader I always dreamt to have one of my own! Working in the medical field and being in scrubs all the time, I never got to use my fashion creative juices– so I decided to make a space of my own where I can create looks, talk about fashion, and let the creativity flow!

8.If you could start all over again with your blog,is there something you would change?
That's a tough one! Honestly, probably not! I really wanted my blog to be centered around fashion and my personal style and I think I have achieved that.
9.If you have to describe your blog with one word,what it would be?
Ok this one is really hard! Trendy? Modern? Versatile? Ok that's more than one... sorry

10.What are your tips for fashion bloggers?

 My biggest tip for other bloggers is to connect with other bloggers and build relationships! I have made so many amazing friends through blogger and through these relationships learned so much about blogging itself! And, of course be yourself!

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