Tuesday, June 03, 2014


I'm back.
I wasn't writing posts on my blog for a while because I was very busy with school but now I don't have much to do because school is over in less than 2 weeks. =) 

In this post I decided to share with you my hair care routine.I was thinking of doing this post for a while and it's time to finally write it.

STEP ONE: For washing my hair I use Palmolive shampoo and Schauma conditioner.
 STEP TWO: On towel-dried hair I spray Syoss micro-spray treatment.
 STEP THREE: Then I comb my hair and let it air dry.
 STEP FOUR: I let my hair air dry but not completely.Then I blow dry it to make it       straighter it's possible.(It doesn't look straight but I get really nice curls.)After blow drying hair I apply almond oil.And that's it.

   What is your hair care routine?

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