Saturday, June 14, 2014

For this post I interviewed Isabella Rakonic,Croatian blogger.Her blog is called the Pile of Style.I really love her style and her blog. =) Here are my questions and her answers:

1. How would you describe your style?
I don't like to define my stile because I think this way it can grow and not be stuck in a described form.

2. Who is your style inspiration? Why?

I have a few, famous fashion icons, models, bloggers. Inspiration can be found everywhere these days :)

3. What is your  favorite store or boutique? Why?

Zara is my favourite clothing store in Zagreb. Usually I buy clothing online.

4. In your opinion,what piece of clothing every female person ,should have in their closet?        Why?
Simple white shirt. Because it's very useful and wearable!

5. What is your favorite trend this summer,what you will be wearing the most?
I'm not so much into trends, I just wear what I like in shops despite what magazines predict as trends. :)
I think staying yourself and not falling for the trends is the best thing you can do.

6. Do you rather wear pants or dress? Why?
 I wear dresses and skirts most of the time actually. Truly I don't know why, haven't thought about it that    much...

7. If you could start all over again with your blog,is there something you would change?
 I'm not sure, maybe the name ;)

8. In your opinion,what is the most important thing about blogging?
Being yourself, and ignoring all the mean people. Share the love, and give love to those who give you     hate.

9. What are your tips for fashion bloggers?
Make great quality photos and have a pretty web design :)

10. What are you hoping to accomplish in the future?
 I hope to finish law school as soon as possible, travel the world and be happy :)

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