Saturday, April 12, 2014

This post is going to be about liebster award.British chis nominated me for liebster award,thanks again for the nomination.


1.You must link back to the person who awarded you
2.You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you
3.You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions
4.You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
5.You must tell your nominees that they have been nominated by you

This are my answers:

1.Who is your inspiration in beauty/fashion/life?
My inspiration are other bloggers,photos I see somewhere,everything around me.

2.Favorite flavor of sweet?
I really love chocolate with caramel.

3.How long have you been blogging?
Six months.

4.Could you go out without makeup?
Of course,I don't wear a lot of makeup and I don't wear makeup very often.

5.What is the most important thing to you at this moment?
My blog and finishing 8th grade with good grades.

6.Could you eat chocolate for every meal, for three days?
No,I love chocolate but that would be too much  chocolate.

7.Funniest night out you've had? [Dinner/Clubbing...]
When I was out with my friend and we were playing picado,I was so bad in and it was funny,I'm glad  I didn't hit someone's eye. ;)

8.If you were given £/$1000, what would you spend it on first?
That's an easy one,on shopping.

9.Are you the type of person who dresses up everyday or the type that plays it casual?
It depends,I love looking nice and being comfortable in the same time, but I'm usually dressed up.

10.Mustaches or Polka Dots?
Polka dots,definitely.

11.Favorite Color?
I love wearing all colors,but my fave are black,white(I love black&white combination) and pink.


The questions for my nominees: 
 1. Why did you started writing your blog?
 2. What is your favorite blog?

 3. In your opinion,what is the most important in writing blog?

 4. What inspires you to write a post on your blog?

 5. What is your favorite piece of clothing?

 6. In your opinion,what pieces of clothing everyone should have in their closet?                                                                                                                                                                                           
 7. What is your favorite lip product? (lip gloss,lipstick etc.)
 8. If you could travel anywhere in the world,where would you go?                                                        

 9. Flat or curly hair? 

 10. What's your favorite season and why?

 11. What is your favorite hairstyle,hairstyle that you wear ofter?                                                                    

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